"How vehement and powerful are their songs inspired by the Sirventés! "

"This trio filled with mediterranean spirit offers to this fertile poetry that has inspired Dante, a sonority both timeless and stunning." 


"They get their inspiration from original melodies, with both respect and creativity."



Present from the beginning of Trobar (the poetry of the troubadours ), the sirventès is a protesting style that describes the violence of its century, the stupidity of powerful people and the fleetingness of human feelings. It is a difficult exercise where the poet makes a fool of the princes, laughs at the Church and questions the Creator, giving him friendly advices as well as merciless criticisms.

Far from the cliche reducing the "troubadour" to a tearful lover in his ivory tower, the sirventès sets the image of a poet-musician involved in his time, facing turmoil and war, beside his contemporaries. As he is the master of this art that he uses as a Lord, in the middle of the the great wars of his time.

Three musicians chose to honour – by developing them or being inspired by them - the original melodies deposited in the end of the XIIIth century by the last troubadours.

They will take advantage of their respective experiences fed by collaborations between oriental and occidental musics, popular and art musics, former and contemporary ones to investigate all the potentialities of the medieval Occitan monody.

Mastering digression and improvisation, they will also propose a courteous, intemperate and especially unexpected answer to those who know - like our troubadours - what music and poetry can do to help us easing the nonsense of the world.


Coproduction Accords Croisés & Cie du Lamparo

Booking in agreement with Cie du Lamparo & Accords Croisés

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