"The gathering of two cultures, the origins of Mandinga

The MAA'NGALA means the creator god of Mandinga civilization in Venezuela..


The MANDINGA civilization, located in countries such as Mali, The Gambia, Senegambia and part of Senegal, consists in several sub-groups such as Malinké, Peul, Wolof and Mande. This civilization was carried by great navigators, and it is even written that one of these navigators would have come to America before Christophe Colomb. Of these travels, the Venezuelan artistic cultures are much inspired by these men who came from the African continent.


The history shared by the two countries of origin of the artists, Senegal and Venezuela is the basis of this artistic encounter. In Venezuela, from the mid-sixteenth century, several African migrations and deportations brought their cultures and traditions. Venezuela has seen traditional instruments coming from distant horizons transform themselves into instruments such as the Chimbangueles, Cumaco, Maracas, Cuatro and Congas that are found in the Mal NGala project. Like many Latin American music, traditional African rhythms have been exported to become traditional Latin rhythms such as the Chimbangueles, San Juan de Guatire, Quichimba, Caraballeda, Parranda or Salsa and Cumbia for rhythms in Europe.


This important historical process has had consequences still present in Venezuelan society, which can be appreciated through lifestyle, rhythms, melodies and feelings. This is what La Gallera Social Club shares with its audience on stage and has the same cultural background as the music of Ablaye Cissoko.


This creation is an initiative of the artists, the festival "Les Traversées de Tatihou" in France and the General Council of the Manche departement.



A Co-production Ma case Prod and Dérapage Prod

Booking in agreement with Dérapage Prod


Ablaye Cissoko: Vocal, Kora
Miguel Romero: Vocal, Bass, Keyboard.
Alexis Romero: Vocal, beats, sampler, cuatro, Electric Guitar, maracas and güiro.
Adel Khababa: Congas (quinto, conga, tumbadora), timbales latinos, Brasilian timbal,
Benjamin de Saint-Lèger: Congas, timbales, Snare, high hat, maracas, krin, cymbals, Jam

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