"Something completely different and utterly compelling"


A modern and virtual artifact, a musical evening  to be watched, Love & Revenge is a tribute to the popular kitschy idols of an Arab world passionate in its dramas and  melodramas. Presented in surprising and hybrid forms are the biggest success stories of the Middle East singing scene: those of the Iraki Kadhem Saher, the Egyptian Souad Hosni, or the Lebanese Sabah.

As we travel through the musical extracts remixed by La Mirza, we will encounter few renowned faces, from the golden era of the Cairo’s Studios Misr. We will get immersed into the musical comedies  inspired by Hollywood , made fabulous by the queens of dance such as Samia Gamal or Tahia Carioca, and by singing idols such as Leila Mourad, Farid El Attrache, his sister Asmahan or the young Oum Kalthoum.

Love quarrels, attempts of redemption, dramas of abusive marriages and tragic destinies are constantly embroided in these films However, the boldness, sincerity and fantasy imbedded in Egyptian cinema save it from the realm of the ridicule. It oozes a definite grace even in its strangest moments, like the one revealed in the Egyptio-viennese waltz-the highlight of Gharam wa Intiqam, Love & Revenge, the 1944 movie from which the title of the evening is inspired.

Rayess Bek : Machines

Mehdi Haddab : Electric Oud

Julien Perraudeau : Keyboards

La Mirza Live video composition

Booking in agreement with Ginger Sounds

Presented at : 

Oslo World Music Festival - Oslo, NO

Shubbak Festival - London, UK

Music Meeting - Nijmegen, NL

Druga Godba Festival - Ljubjlana, SL

Le Louvre - Abu Dhabi, AE

Beirut & Beyond Festival - Beirut, LB



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