Los Wemblers de Iquitos

Los Wembler's is the legendary band of Iquitos, the capital of the Amazon in Peru.


In 1968, in Iquitos, Salomon Sanchez decided to form a band that would play an electric version of the popular Amazonian music - pandilla, carimbó, and of course, cumbia. Solomon hired his five sons and named the group Los Wemblers de Iquitos. Los Wemblers began the same year as Los Destellos and Juaneco y su Combo, two other pioneers of the Peruvian cumbia who laid the foundation for what would become "La Chicha". The five Sanchez brothers who compose it are pioneers of the Amazonian Cumbia and played a vital role in the chicha movement of the 1970s. The group, which wrote and recorded great classics like "Sonido Amazonico" and "La danza del Petrolero" never stopped playing in Peru. After more than twenty years of absence abroad, it is through the initiative of a few producers and an increasingly strong Cumbia hype in the world that Los Wembler's crosses the borders again. Their greatest classics have been taken up by bands like Los Mirlos, Chicha Libre, Firewater and also by renowned DJs from the Electro Tropical scene. Proud of its immense success, the group is always faithful to its original spirit and has not lost its passion nor its creative spirit.

Booking in agreement with Dérapage Prod.



Jair Sanchez : Vocals

Alberto Sanchez : Guitar

Bonar Sanchez : Bass, backing vocals

Roberto Ramos Ruiz : Guitar

Misael Sanchez : Drums, percussions, backing vocals

Carlos Vasquez : Congas, backing vocals



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