Grégory Dargent oud, direction
Jean-Louis Marchand bass clarinet
Nicolas Beck tarhu
Vincent Posty doublebass
Etienne Gruel percussions



L'Hijâz'Car - 2014

**Buda Musique

**Universal Music France + others worldwide

Raw energy, modern writings, Mediterranean sounds, and nothing you've heard before... Led by Grégory Dargent, the musicians of Hijâz'Car pull together their vision of the poetry of the modern Eastern world, strong with 15 years touring the world, their different paths bound with friendship, and their original instrumentation: oud, tarhu, bass clarinet, doublebass and percussions.

Their first instrumental record - after the success of their collaboration with Houria Aïchi "Riders of the Aurès" - has been reviewed in the major European medias as an outstanding work of art. L’Hijâz’Car follows its path on tour, presenting its repertoire in major festivals and venues, both into jazz (Jazzahead, Jazz & the City Salzburg, WinterJazz Brussels..) and world music (Womad UK, EthnoPort Poznan, Suds, in Arles..).

L’Hijâz’Car, music without borders.




Probably the best album I’ve heard so far this year
"One album that I've not been able to stop playing since it came through my door. Give it a listen and you may find yourself subject to a similar fate. Lucky you."



"2nd best album ever made by their label Buda Musique"

"A sophisticated, thrilling, inventive disc (...) A mature, enjoyably atmospheric triumph"


"Here, Led Zeppelin's direct energy meets the brainy convolutions of Rabih Abou-Khalil and the imaginary folklore of Louis Sclavis."



“5*/5” "L'Hijâz'Car gratifies us with a musical colored firework, rythmically captivating, breaking down all boundaries" 

"L'Hijâz'Car is back with a vigorous first record. They are working on tensions, looking for paroxysms." 


"L'Hijâz'Car fills up with stars the venues of the world." 


"Naturally free and expertly arranged, this record is a generous labyrinth where it's nice to wander." 


"The French band transforms every performance in a charm offensive." 

Next tour from Oct 4 to 15th in Austria and Germany with the support of Adami and Spedidam