"Glimmering and passionate, with precise intonation and a complete mastery of vocal technique, Maria Mazzotta pushes the boundaries of harrowing bohemian furor, alternating between deep laments and wild scat solos. Redi Hasa’s bow writhes in concert with her vocals, at times harmonious, at others, dissonant. Modern and personal, this reinvented folklore is intoxicating."

"The Balkans and Southern Italy intertwine around a cello and a voice…"


"A genuine sonic journey steeped in the natural expressiveness of cello and the fluidity of a perfectly mastered vibrato."



"Les Balkans et le Sud de l’Italie s’enroulent autour d’un violoncelle et d’une voix" 


Maria Mazzotta and Redi Hasa build a new kind of relationship between voice and cello. Combining the ancestral voice of Maria and the melodies of Redi’s cello, this project suggests the memory and the spirituality of the Balkan and South Italian traditions. These two fantastic and atypical musicians share strong emotions that feed and inspire them. Colours, tastes, perfumes, lights, and shadows of the human beings are transformed into sounds and feelings that envelop this musical journey through an oneiric, fine and delicate universe.


Years of complicity. In 2010, Redi Hasa and Maria Mazotta started to work on a project that would connect the powerful notes of the cello and the softness of the voice, while crossing over the traditions of their own cultures and those they discovered during their numerous travels. Using live-recorded loops, their musical journey builds itself note after note, melody after melody. This results in a rousing, haunting and sensitive artistic universe, on which spread their virtuosity and their high-quality interpretations.

URA. Used all around the Adriatic Sea, « URA » means in Albanian « bridge » and in the Salento dialect « now ». Therefore their project isn’t about covering the traditional repertoire while respecting all its codes, but approaching it with modern eyes. The project is focused on the South Italy and Balkan stories, from the old Europe populations to the migrants from everywhere and every time that Redi and Maria reinterpret with their own sensibility. Experimentation and improvisation are wisely balanced and carve new paths connecting past and present and making music that is both ancient and utterly revitalized.

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