Electrik GEM

2 options:

** Standard concert


**Unique creation with string sections (Conservatory or music schools of your region)

available on request see video below

Radiopolis Projekt - 2013

**Assoce Pikante / L'Autre


Traveling the Mediterranean countries and being transformed by their cultures, Grégory Dargent, (L’Hijâz'Car, Sirventès with Manu Théron) and the musicians of Electrik Gem has decided to redraw its outlines.


Saturated guitars, revisited traditional group, explosive percussions, choir composed by sensual and wild voices, Electrik Gem is just like the Mediterranean cities, a musical impressionism suggesting existing townscapes or those to come.




"Unlike other groups that would simplify everything with electro rhythms to make it more easily digestible, Grégory Dargent surprises us : his music gains in power with rough riffs and breaks with twisted rhythms."




"Revelation at festival Les Vieilles Charrues 2013"

(#1 French festival)

"A constant energy, sophisticated compositions, a cross between the Balkans, the Middle East and rock electricity. A moment of sharing, without hypocrisy, rare."




"The band seals the iconoclastic alliance between oriental instrumental accoustic, saturated rock and traditional bulgarian choir : a new folk with Balkan influences, savage and explosive."





Awena Burgess, Christine Clément, Jeanne Barbieri: vocals
Grégory Dargent : electric guitar, direction

Yves Béraud : accordion, vocals
Lior Blindermann : oud, vocals
Dimitar Gougov : gadulka
Jean Lucas : tuba, trombone
Jean-Louis Marchand : bass clarinet
Nicolas Beck : tarhu
Vincent Posty : bass
Frédéric Guérin : drums
Etienne Gruel, Fabien Guyot : percussions